1st blog post of the new year

The very first New Year resolution I made when 2016 ended was to write more, and although I failed that in January, I’ve started making it up for it this month.

Hence this blog.

Hoard All The Books is a place for me to share the books I’ve read and am reading, and occasionally rant about TV shows, movies, and the very near misses I’ve had with meeting celebrities (more on this later), because I don’t believe that reading is necessarily a solitary experience, and if I continue to keep everything to myself, I’m pretty sure spontaneous combustion will be in the cards for me.

There will be self-published books mentioned as well as traditionally published ones because I’ve recently gotten involved with the writing community and there are so many talented writers out there who don’t get the credit they rightfully deserve since they made the decision to go Indie.

And I’ll tell you all about my new favourite YA series when I’m having a good day and am up for sharing.

Don’t be shy about talking to me because I’m always up for a chat, and if there are any books you want to talk about, feel free to let me know.

Until next time.



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